Friday, 18 October 2013

Meet the Change-makers

While we have scores of people moaning about the mess that Mumbai is in, we have a few others who put their proverbial ‘best foot forward’ and take those necessary steps on the road to changing the situation.  One such group of change-makers is the ALM leaders from Bandra. Their relentless solution seeking attitude is indeed inspiring. Just this morning one of the newspapers carried an elaborate article on how they have been tackling the garbage issue in their locality, especially the composting of the wet waste that they have begun. Here are a few excerpts from that news item, quotes from some of the ALM leaders who are spearheading the project.

Christopher Pereira: “In ALMs meetings, where everyone complains about garbage issues in their neighbourhood, I say I do not have any problems. When they ask me why, I tell them about the compost system. I do not need to wait every day for the BMC truck to take away my garbage. You come and see, I tell them.”

Maria D’Souza: “We have appointed a helper to collect wet garbage from all the flats in the building and deposit it in the tumblers installed in the garden. He gives me updates of residents who do not segregate it and I personally meet them and request them to. Everyone sees that the system works, so no one poses any objections.”

Denzil Rego: “These boards are important to spread awareness about the cause. When members of non-practicing societies see it, they want to find out more and approach us. We constantly monitor societies and buildings that follow composting as a regular practice. There are a few who put up the board, but do not practice composting. In such cases we cannot mollycoddle them, they have to be equally involved in the process.”

Shama Kulkarni: “The BMC has set up a rule where they will fine buildings that do not segregate their garbage. I think it is time they take this seriously; it is the only way people will take garbage separation and composting seriously. They spend a big chunk of money in transporting waste to landfills. This system of composting will take the load off them, if everyone follows a two-bin policy, segregating their wet and dry waste. In the past year, a few households, societies, schools, and institutions in Bandra have not had the need to use the daily BMC garbage trucks. This is a good sign.”

It’s a good sign indeed and hopefully other localities will soon follow their example! 

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